Biden Signs Controversial Treaty With Al Qaeda: ‘They’re Our Friends Now’

Joe Biden is taking after his mentor, Barack Obama, when it comes to bowing down and apologizing to those who would cause us harm.

In a completely unbelievable move this week, Biden signed a treaty with Al Qaeda, stating that “they’re just not as bad without Bin Laden. I think they’ve changed,”

Changed? Al Qaeda is responsible for atrocities around the world, including 9-11, but sure…they seem nice.

The treaty calls for all Americans to “respect the sovereignity of the Afghani people, regardless of their past deeds, and to re-integrate Al Qaeda into mainstream society.”

We called Al Qaeda, and they seemed fairly oblivious top the news:

“Who is this? How did you get this number? Treaty? What treay? Is that you, Nadir? Cut it out.”

Biden Press Secretery Jill Psaki says the treaty would be a blessing:

“If such a ridiculous thing actually existed, it would mean that the United States government, not Joe Biden, had spent immeasurable time and resources determining that the literal arch-nemesis of our way of life had changed its ways and was worthy of a second chance.

“That’s…never gonna happen. Please direct all other questions you picked up from a story on Facebook to the Space Force. President Biden signed and executive order making them the point of contact on all things Q and adjacent.

“Thank you. That’s a full lid.”

CJ Craig would be so proud of that adorably brilliant little ginger.

Anyway, it seems that they would welcome such a thing, by her own words, and that we are — once again — in the throes of Islam at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

God have mercy on us all.

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