Biden Says Trump Is ‘Not Invited’ To His Inauguration

Sleepy Joe Biden has told people close to his new administration that it doesn’t matter what Donald Trump says or does — he’s not invited to the inauguration.

Whatever happened to that tradition you’re always talking about, Joe? What about two centuries of history?

It would appear that Joe Biden has no regard for any of it. He’ll probably point to Trump’s refusal to concede and the delayed initiation of the transition process, but that was all for a noble and righteous cause: democracy.

Paul Rubens represents the best of us all.

Not democracy in the traditional sense, but democracy in the “we didn’t win, so we’ll try something else” way of the Republican party. Their relaxed versions of things like voter rights and fair elections tend to have issues with the number one cause of election losses: being outvoted.

That may or may not have been the case in 2020, an election that saw the highest number of votes cast in history. Well…we know it wasn’t true, because in reality, Joe Biden mopped the floor with Trump and after the loyalists deliver Georgia to the Democrats out of spite, we’ll be ripe and ready for the 2024 run.

Trump 2024 baby. Get those flags ready.

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