Biden Officially Removes BLM From The Domestic Terror Watch List

One of President Trump’s most important executive orders was to declare BLM a domestic terrorist organization.

Today, Joe Biden signed an order reversing that critical decision, placing our country in harm’s way.

According to critics of Biden, including Jerry Hapsfordman from Tupelo, the move will make the country less safe:

“BLM is the real bad people. Theys why we have all them riots and stuff. Trump dun fixed it, and drained the swamp.

“The dems can’t handle it because where we wento one, we went all, and they went all silly with their anti-Trumpisms. Trump2020!!!!!”

Jerry knows it’s 2021, patriots, but the sentiment he’s conveying still stands. We don’t want no BLM riots no more, and taking them off the watchlist was silly.

Biden’s Director of Truth in Media and Satire, Art Tubolls, says the right is blowing the whole thing out of proportion:

“First of all, Black Lives Matter is a legitimate, registered organization that always files proper permits and only advocates peaceful protests. Trump signed an EO that put BLM on the watchlist, without ever indicating the meaning of the initials, which defaulted to the Bureau of Land Management. That’s who the dumbass put on the watchlist.

“So yes, President Biden removed the Bureau of Land Management from the list, and no, he won’t be adding Black Lives Matter, because that would be pretty stupid.”

The Bureau of Land Management hasn’t answered our requests for comment. BLM told us to “go f**k yourselves.” Nice.


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