Biden Is Pulling Out Obama’s FEMA Handbook To ‘Protect America From Lunatics’

According to sources close to the White House, Joe Biden has decided to adopt Barack Obama’s extremist views of what the Federal Emergency Management Agency is supposed to look like.

It’s supposed to be who they send after a hurricane or flood, but if you remember, FEMA back in Obama’s day bought empty Walmarts and set up “re-education camps” in them, complete with their own power and water sources.

They were poised to take half of the country and turn them into something from a sci-fi novel until patriots started taking notice and exposed the plan.

Obama had to abort, and he was never able to get the program up and running.

Biden, however, has the Capitol insurrection to use in his favor to brand anyone who supports Donald Trump as a terrorist.

So now, when the camps open and the “teaching” begins, you can be darned sure that we’ll tell you we told you so, because we do are resurch and use legitimate sources.

The source on this piece is a trusted friend and ally who has been to more than 4 Trump rallies. He’s as close to the Biden administration as you can get:

“I don’t actually know ‘first-hand’ what I’m talking about, but I do live less than a mile from there. Sometimes I watch Biden’s lips when he’s reading off the teleprompter for the hidden agenda.

“This one was plain as day. He looked at a reporter and waved, and when he got a fist in the air sent his way, he winked.

“That, as everyone knows, is the go sign for FEMA re-education protocol 21.”

That’s some pretty scary stuff, patriots. Make sure you keep an eye on your friends and family who love their country enough to attack it while carrying its own flag in case they start disappearing and coming back…different.

Just yesterday my neighbor Luke came back wearing skinny jeans and a man bun. He quit his job at the quarry and says he’s an “influencer” now.

Our country sure is changing.

God bless America.

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