Biden Cancels Trump Portrait Ceremony After Speech

The truth is right there in front of you

The democrats held ceremonies to commemorate what happened on January 6, and it was capped by a fiery speech by Joe Biden. Biden couldn’t help himself and completely trashed Donald Trump, and afterwords; canceled the Trump Presidential Portrait Ceremony. It’s common for the current President to attend and celebrate the unveiling of a presidential portrait of his predecessor, but Biden has decided to buck the trend and act like a child.

The unveiling of the official presidential portrait is a big deal, a big to do, and almost every president in history has played host and welcomed the former president warmly. Apparently Mr Biden, high off his speech trashing our greatest president, had different ideas instead of going with tradition, like everyone else before him. Usually Presidents don’t speak Ill of their predecessors, but once again, Biden has decided that rules just aren’t for him. More liberal entitlement coming from this White House doesn’t surprise this reporter.

Biden canceling the ceremony is just another way of these liberals canceling everything about Donald Trump’s successful time in office. It’s almost as if Biden simply wanted to be president to cancel Donald Trump. It’s almost as if the only reason the liberal left voted for Joe Biden. To cancel Donald Trump and all of his accomplishments.  Liberals have no appreciation for what Donald Trump did in the White House, and how handsome and powerful Donald Trump is.

Trump just looks like the picture of health. Nobody can take that away from him. And when we say picture of health, we totally mean he’s a fat pig.  Gut, gunt, small hands, extremely odd combover, orange tint, it’s almost as if Trump is simply a cartoonish version of a dictator with a Big Mac addiction. Which, he kinda is….. imagine what that portrait will look like.

Presidential portrait historian and Uber driver Joseph Barron can’t believe that there’s even any controversy over this. Why have a portrait of this idiot in the first place? If it goes anywhere, start in the bathroom of Congress at the bottom of a urinal for target practice. That’s a good start. Maybe we can move him all the way up to the toilet paper dispensers. Get yerself a good wipe with some MAGA tissue. That’s a good way to celebrate good old 45. God bless America.

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