Biden Calls Pentagon By Mistake To Order Breakfast, Almost Starts A War

You can’t make this stuff us, folks. Joe Biden, in an obvious state of dementia, called the Pentagon instead of the White House Kitchen to order breakfast, and the outcome was nearly devastating.

According to sources close to the Pentagon who may or may not work there, Biden called the command and control line and used a codeword that sent a battalion of American soldiers and a carrier group hurtling towards the China Sea.

The source, who agreed to speak on condition of anonymity, is a low-level aide to a person who also may or may not work for the US government named Sandy Batt Barron. Ms. Barron told us:

“Biden wanted the command codes for strikes on pre-determined targets to be as easy as possible to remember, so he named them after his favorite foods. Strawberry Julius is the go code to nuke North Korea, for example. It isn’t anymore, but it was 4 seconds ago. That kind of thing.

“So when he picked up the wrong line and asked for an egg white omelette and a sausage biscuit with no cheese, he sent 30K troops and a floating naval base into Chinese territory.”

Luckily, former President Trump had the best relationship and the most deals ever with China, so they decided not to attack our guys. But that Ho Chi Xing guy says we’re officially out of favors.

This is what we can expect under this administration, patriots. Stories just like this, specially made just for you.

God bless America.

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