Biden Bars Rittenhouse Judge From Ever Serving On A Federal Bench: ‘He’s Unfit’

Joe Biden has lost his ever-loving mind. Using an obscure subsection of the US Constitution, the Dictator-in-Chief has barred the judge from the Kyle Rittenhouse trial from ever sitting on a federal bench. Press Secretary Jenn Psaki’s side piece, Art Tubolls, explains:

“Article 41 section 5 subsection 3 is clear: the Chief Executive haveth the right to ban anyone he sees fit, plus three fifths of another person, from sitting on any federal court. This Chief Executive has decided to withdraw Judge Cletis Racker of Kenosha from any future consideration.”

That’s how a dictator works, patriots. They decide things like that. They say stuff and do things that Tucker Carlson can see as straight-up communism.

Rush Limbaugh would be rolling over in his grave right now.

Send the troops, patriots. That’s really the only recourse we have. First, we find someone to replace JFK Jr. The guy was folded in half backward. He ain’t coming back. I figure we ask Chuck Norris. He should be down.

The Honorable C. Racker has three moons and seven-fifths of three people to work with before the nullification clause kicks in and the issue can never be looked at again, according to Constitutional scholars on YouTube.

Gid bless America.

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