Biden Administration To Declare Pro Trump Groups As Domestic Terror

The truth is right there in front of you

The Biden administration, if he takes office January 20, has been in contact with the FBI and Justice Department heads to declare the Proud Boys and other pro-Trump groups as domestic terror networks.

This is an unprecedented move, but not surprising because of how Biden and Harris feel about the proud deplorables that support our president.

The move comes as thousands of trump supporters are due to start arriving in droves to Washington to show their support for President Trump. They’re hoping to curb anymore protests against the Biden/Harris administration, because, just like Facebook, conservative free speech is tamped down on.

It’s unfair and we are getting to the bottom of it. Trump supporters are the MOST American Americans of all.

Trump supporters love Donald Trump so much that they’re willing to do anything to show support for this president. They know he’s the best this country has ever seen. 350,000 Covid deaths won’t deter them.

Neither will phone calls to Secretaries of State to overturn legal safe elections. Trump literally selling America and her secrets out to Russia, an enemy of America doesn’t hurt their love for Trump one bit.

He’s making America great again in their eyes, and apparently that means turning America into an authoritarian society where only they are free.

Patriotic Trump supporting militias are crying foul though. They can’t believe they’re being discriminated against. It’s just unfair.

All they’ve done is show their support for Donald Trump. That’s it. They’ve only terrorized liberals and attacked people for simply walking down the street or daring to have a different opinion than them.

They saw this disturbing behavior by police in Salem Oregon recently, as they were screaming and yelling and acting violent and the police pushed back at them and arrested them. It’s so unfair!

Imagine just waking down the street with your long gun and marching in formation, almost like goose stepping, throwing things at people simply passing by and being treated like a criminal for simply being a violent, ignorant piece of traitorous shit. Is that really necessary?

Being a Proud Boy simply means that you have to be an unthinking Neanderthal, and people like Joe Barron think you should be arrested for it. Is this even America????

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