‘The Squad Teams With Antifa For Weekly Bible Burnings

The truth is right in front of you

“The Squad” has joined forces with Antifa to organize “Weekly Bible Bonfires” across the country. The collective group, calling itself “Bibles In Totally Charred Heaps” plans to create opportunities and safe locations in every major city of every state to hold massive blazes on Sundays, where one and all can bring their bibles for ceremonial destruction.

In their manifesto, the group claims that they are “on the side of good” and “have America’s best interests at heart.” A larger excerpt from the 666 page document is below:

“The Christian Bible is nothing more than a guidebook to bring about the end of the world. Those who adhere to its content are crazed lunatics who crave such death and destruction. It changes people, and never for the better.

Take Donald trump. I mean, he’s always been a gritting a**hole, but prior to pretending to become a believer he had limited his vocal desire for the murdering of innocents to the Central Park 5. Now that he’s no longer a self-declared atheist, he forcefully advocates or jokes about genocide. The Bible took an a** and turned him into a dangerous despot, intent on world domination.

Trump always had a bloodlust for darker skinned people and wasn’t afraid to show it.

Our hope through the incineration of these wretched tomes is to prevent those on the verge of psychotic megalomania – and as we’ve seen, there are millions of these in America – from ever seeing “the word” and fulfilling what the feel is their evil destiny.

Hail Satan!”

The group is encouraging those wanting to participate in the revelry to bring their own bibles and to steal from “friends, family, neighbors, and shops” in order to “speed the end of tyranny.” Who are the real “psychotic megalomaniacs” here?

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