Barron Trump Holds Toilet Paper Drive for White House Staff


The Trump family has done a tremendous job of keeping Barron Trump out of the limelight. While the left-wing celebrities and media froth at the mouth to get to the boy, he is safe and protected by his family. As it should be.

However, in these trying times, the family has provided us a small glimpse of the genuine and sincere young man they all know so well.

Upon hearing of the hardships the country faces, young Barron took on a monumental task — helping out where he could by providing all the White House staffers enough toilet paper to cover their rears for weeks.

Rumors had been flying around the executive branch that due to the long hours and hard work distributing talking points and making sure everyone was on the same page — staffers had not had an opportunity to stock up on toilet paper. Clearly this is a problem since not a single retailer has a square to spare.

Sandy Batt, White House cook and second-chair nanny to Barron said:

“Oh, the boy was just so worried. So worried. He ran around the entire west wing gathering every roll of toilet paper he could find. He then built a pyramid out of it.

Unfortunately, Kellyanne Conway walked over and took three rolls from the bottom so the whole thing toppled over, but it was the thought that counts. The toilet paper is fine and people can still use it.”

You know President Trump and Melania are doing something right when their teenager does something like this. Bless him. Bless them.

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