Ashli Babbitt’s Killer Finally Indicted For Murder

Ashli Babbitt’s killer, Michael Byrd, has been indicted for murder by a local DA with jurisdiction in the case.

The announcement comes after Biden’s Justice Department and FBI declined to charge the killer for ambushing poor Ashli without any reason whatsoever.

Everyone has seen the footage. She’s just climbing through an already broken window when Byrd ends her without a second thought.

Sure, in his eyes, she was a dangerous, violent rioter trying to bypass Capitol Police to cause harm to the members of the House of Representatives, but in reality, she was a veteran, and therefore a hero and a saint.

The DA, from Podunk County, Indiana, says that because the incident happened in the Capitol, it happened on land that belongs to everyone, giving him jurisdiction.

A federal judge dismissed the charges and several others laughed when he tried to reintroduce them, explaining what “with prejudice” means.

Still, the charge is showing up on the NCIC computer, which means if this guy tries to get a job he’ll have some explaining to do.

Babbitt’s family is also moving forward with their lawsuit. They’re suing Byrd, Joe Biden, and according to the complaint, several buildings in the area and possibly a birdbath.

Hopefully, this means Babbitt’s family can finally get some peace after almost an entire year of being laughed at by sane people.

God Bless America.

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