Appeals Court Reinstates Trump Foundation Charity

The Donald J Trump Foundation was shut down by liberals in New York in an attempt to discredit the President and make his family and charity look like lying thieving losers. Today, a conservative court full of Trump appointees reversed that decision.

The charges against the Trump Foundation, according to the Democrats who run the Southern District of New York, are heinous. They say the charity has taken money donated to help veterans and instead used it like Trump’s “personal piggy bank.” They claim that more than $2 million was used improperly.

The charges, according to the National Charity Foundation for Assessing Charitable Foundations, says the Trump Foundation has an A rating and that there’s no need for concern. Based on that assessment, the 16th US Federal Court of Appellate Processes and Writs reversed the decision of the New York liberal court and rescinded the fines.

Chief Justice of the Circuit, the Honorable Art Tubolls, wrote about the travesty of the first judgment in his decision:

“When a charity is forced to shutter because of politics, a crime has been committed. not only is the Trump family the victim of a smear campaign, they’ve also been slandered and libeled. Those things aren’t legal, even in new York.”

The White House says it is happy with the decision and that Trump will be filing lawsuits against the State of New York, The Washington Post, and the Clinton Foundation for starting all of this trouble.

Justice will be served.


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