AOC Says Now Is The Time To Go Door-To-Door Confiscating Guns

Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez has gone completely bonkers. She’s using the pandemic to try to institute pure Soviet-style communism. Her latest “brilliant idea” comes in the form of an Obama-style gun grab. The kind of thing that tyrants love.

According to an aide inside the office of a representative who may or may not have access to verifiable information, AOC was heard at a luncheon for wealthy donors peddling pitiful ideas like making people give their stocks to the government in exchange for food and taxing Social Security recipients at the same rate as a wealthy person, since “they’re all responsible for voting for this monster Donald Trump.”

The worst of it, however, is an idea that the aide’s former friend and roommate said is gaining traction in the party: going door-to-door to confiscate our guns:

“She said it’s the perfect time, because people won’t see it coming. We’ll knock on their doors and tell them we’re campaigning for Trump. When they open the door, the officers tasked with the job will say they smell hydroxychloroquine and now have reasonable doubt to enter the residence under the forbidden fruit doctrine.”

That whole thing sounds a lot like something Obama would have done. We’re lucky that Hillary lost that last election by a landslide, otherwise we’d already have no guns and no rights, just like what happened under Obama.

It’s a good thing President Trump is in office and will likely stay there for life. We’re guaranteed to never have to worry about this kind of thing again.

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