AOC Files Assault Charges Against Representative Yoho

AOC is spitting mad about republican congressman Yoho just saying what we all are thinking! Of course, the little bartender feminist feels the need to overreact to his statement.

Unlike the good, real women of yesteryear, AOC seems to think it’s wrong for men to speak their minds.

In a speech where she seemed to use words like “empowerment” and “equality” she condemned the good Christian man, because that is what liberal women do these days. However, she isn’t stopping there. Now the junior congresswoman has acquired legal counsel.

Her attorney, Sandy Batt, made a statement to reporters:

“AOC is fully prepared to press charges. She believes she was verbally assaulted. Since it was a statement made by a conservative man to a liberal woman, she’s filing hate crime charges. She says, ‘These men are going to learn to not mess with women. It doesn’t matter if we have to exaggerate or be super emotional — we will win against this inequality. It’s time for men to pay!'”

This new generation of women are not messing around. They don’t care if it’s a frivolous lawsuit against the President of the United States, even after they signed an NDA, or going after a supreme court justice nominee who has a several decade long history of abusive practices — they are going to go after these men and take them down!

It’s sad because I think most men and women just want a normal life. You know, where men go to work and their wives go to the kitchen and make them sandwiches. These young girls just don’t know what it means to be a real woman and what a privilege it is to take care of a man and a family.

God Bless the USA and God Bless the real women who still love to do womanly things.

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