AOC Eats Musslamic Cadaver To Prove Their Faith Is Harmless

#eatamusslamiccadaver is trending on twitter. It’s the latest liberal movement used in an attempt to legitimize the existence of Musslamics in America. The idea behind it is simple. Steal a cadaver from a city morgue that is someone of the Musslamic faith.  Roasted gently over an open flame. Consume the body over several weeks or months, eating nothing else.  A strict Musslamic diet. Neo-Halal. The idea is to show that no harm will come to you from eating it. And if the corpse doesn’t harm you, then the faith is harmless.

Cannibalism trends are nothing new. You may recall that years ago Betty Crocker jumped on the bed wagon.

Variations on the cooking method have popped up. There’s oven roasted with rosemary, diced and sautéed in a pan with some garlic butter, with pita and a side of hummus, baked into a cake, and many more.  Cookbooks have sprung up detailing hundreds of ways to cook a Musslamic Cadaver.

This evening Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez live-streamed her participation in the trend. She noshed on the extremities of Baba O’Rhaili that had been  prepared for her by government staff earlier.  And she offered these words:

“You see me. I am eating a Muslammic. I have been doing so all week and I will continue to do so until the entire body is consumed. I am, as you can see, in good health. No harm has come upon me.  This delicious young man is actually making me feel very good. I feel invigorated, like I’ve been given a new life .

So I ask you how can that which is renewing me be seen as so destructive to human life? That misconception is a farce. Musslamics are obviously a benefit to mankind, not a harm. “

Detailed instructions abound online for cooking people. Unfortunately, these standard recipes cannot be used on the unique Musslamic form.

The hashtag currently  has 4 billion followers worldwide. It is the largest hashtag trend that the world has ever seen, disgusting and misguided as it is.

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