Kamala Harris Praises Antifa Leader at Campaign Rally


Democratic hopeful Kamala Harris has never been a stranger to controversy.   But some critics think she may have gone too far yesterday, as she invited a man identified as the leader of radical group Antifa’s Oakland chapter onstage, fist-bumped him, and sung his and his organization’s praises to a screaming crowd.

Harris, seen here, encourages a youngster to “keep it real” by suing the white people behind him for reparations.

22-year old Antifa “Captain” and Starbucks barista Justin Hermouf had been sought by local police for charges of radical jaywalking and animal abuse stemming from a Halloween 2018 incident alleging that he’d forced a poodle to wear a Ghostbusters T-shirt and imitation proton pack.  Nevertheless, he appeared at the rally and was invited onstage by Harris, who sung his praises to the audience :

“Everyone meet my friend Justin.  He’s a warrior, out on the streets every day with the brave men and women of Antifa, fighting against the kind of racist fascism that the President and his supporters embrace.  Antifa Assemble!”

A scene from the next “Avengers” movie.

Police were notified of the man’s presence, but did not arrive in time to make an arrest due to an overturned donut truck on Mission avenue and Fourth street.  Although they have issued a statement releasing Harris for any accountability, some feel concerned that the Democratic attack dog needs to be leashed.

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