Antifa To Disrupt Trump’s 4th Of July Celebrations

That’s unAmerican!

Antifa has hinted at plans to throw a wrench into the plans of President Trump and his 4th of July in DC celebration.

Posters for an event to be held in The Marion Berry Celebratory Park have been seen all over Washington, DC. Few details of event itinerary are known, but the name and the event’s intent are clear : “Not My President’s Day – An event aimed at disrupting the celebration of American independence hosted by the fake 45th president,” the banners read. They are very long.

Antifa has promised carnival rides, a detail that Trump has overlooked. Point goes to Antifa.

A written statement was also released  to local  newspapers from Antifa to explain the reason for the event, as if the banners weren’t already overwhelmingly clear. It read :

”We here at the Union of Antifascists & Supercommunists would just like to make clear once again our position on the illegitimacy of the presidency of our current White House resident, Mr Donald Trump, née Drumph.

He is using the presidency to increase his personal wealth, he sides with Nazis, he doesn’t believe in civil rights, he hates the constitution, and he’s a pussy grabber.

Yet we never see him grab himself. Which he should since he’s a draft dodger. That’s makes him a huge pussy.

Anyway, he is not the president of the majority of Americans who didn’t vote for him and the even greater number now that he’s shown his true self.

So we put together this event, ingeniously called ‘Not My President’s Day’. And much like Obama’s inauguration crowd size , we expect its numbers will dwarf those of Trump’s Independence Day events.”

One of the banner posters seen around the city.

That is doubtful as patriots will be swarming to the capital while Antifa’s would-be attendees won’t be allowed out of the basement by their mommies.

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