AOC Says Anti-Vax Colonies On Their Way

Somebody Impeach Her Already!

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez strongly feels that American rights should be infringed upon. She does not value our liberties. She hates everything about the individual freedoms that made this country great. And she is demonstrating this once again with her stubborn stance against our god-given right of refusal of vaccinations for our children.

Despite the overwhelming evidence that vaccinations cause a variety of conditions ranging from autism to micropenis to transgenderism, Cortez continues to treat the anti-vaccination crowd like lepers…… quite literally.

The young Democrat has suggested that families that do not provide their kids with standard immunizations “should not be allowed to live amongst the rest of the population.” She wants the government to create “anti-vax colonies” to “keep them away from the right-minded folks.”

The CDC has offered up Alabama as a whole to serve as the anti-vax colony, saying that “Being Alabaman is a disease in itself, one the world can do without. Good riddance if they’re never seen again.”

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez explains :

“These people don’t care about anyone but themselves! They spread diseases and kill kids! There’s no way they should be allowed to walk amongst the rest of us normal people.

But sure, our courts has thus far maintained that they have a right to their anti-vaccine beliefs….even though those beliefs are entirely based on pseudo-science and outright lie. Well guess what? Intelligent people have rights too! We have the right to protect ourselves and our loved ones from that disease ridden filth!

I have been in contact with the CDC and they agree with me. This is a public health issue. These ‘anti-vaxxers’ need to be quarantined for the good of the rest of the health driven world. The CDC is in the process of creating Anti-Vax Colonies to separate them from the population. If they insist on spreading disease like lepers, we will treat them like lepers!”

AOC has suggested putting VP Mike Pence in the colony as well “because he’s just too stupid.”

Daily World Update has contacted the Center for Disease Control but they would not return our calls with a comment. Updates will be passed onto readers as they arrive.

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