California Bans Trump From Visiting Their State ‘In Solidarity With Omar And Tlaib’

The truth is right in front of you

After President Trump used his influence to have Israel ban Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib from entering Israel, many liberal feathers were ruffled because the two weren’t going to get to play with “the cool kids”. The truth is, their presence in Israel was unnecessary and was simply a waste of taxpayer dollars to fly them over there and provide accommodations, etc. But, of course, the lib crowd cried foul and assumed that their members were being snubbed for racist reasons.

Now the State of California has struck back over this perceived slight. Governor Gavin Newsom has announced that his state has issued a “ban order” for President Trump and his immediate family. He made the announcement in a speech today:

“This so-called president – small p – is abusing his power and preventing good people, who were elected to serve this country, from doing their jobs. In doing so, he is removing oversight by the opposing party of what are sure to be corrupt activities on the part of the republicans.

So to recap – trumpilstiltskin has prevented two fine democrat representatives from attending meetings in Israel because he’s racist, he wants to commit criminal while he’s there, and he’s an a**hole.

Well we can be a**holes too. Effective immediately, the Cheeto is persona non grata in the state of California. Any plane he’s on will be denied a landing strip, any boat will not be allowed to moor, any car will be turned away at our borders. He is simply not allowed here. This is our house and we decide who’s can come visit.

And he’s not. In case, you didn’t get that.

This i decree.”

This is an unprecedented move from any state and one that trump is sure to challenge. In all likelihood, Newsom will be arrested and will rot in prison. Here’s hoping.

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