Ann Coulter Trashes Trump, Hands Support to Biden

The truth is right there in front of you

Ann Coulter, the well known conservative author and guest on many conservative tv talk and radio programs has turned against our beloved President Trump, trashing him in the media and pledging to vote for Joe Biden in November. This is a major turn from the once proud conservative woman.

Coulter, who’s known for her very conservative beliefs, along with her giraffe like stature, made the comments last night on Anderson Cooper‘s CNN program. As she spoke she craned her neck in spectacular fashion, almost like picking fruit off of a tall tree. Coulter looks to be 7 feet tall, most of it being her giraffe like neck.

Apart from looking like a drug addled zoo animal, Ann Coulter generally has extreme right wing views, even though she dates mainly liberals, because even she knows that conservatives are horrible in every way possible, even in bed.

Joseph Barron, one liberal she had been linked to said, “She keeps calling me and texting me. She’s very odd. You’d think she’d be over it, but no, Crane Neck Ann keeps at it.”

This is not the first time the giraffe-like creature has spoken out against our totally awesome, not racist or sexist at all President. But this is the furthest she’s gone, saying she’d vote for a godless democrat over the man who demanded we open churches, and then went golfing. Because nothing screams religious like golf. Nothing, except maybe being married three times and cheating on every one of your wives, including the latest mail order wannabe model, Melania.

As for Coulter, it looks like she’s gone off the deep end, but thankfully because of her very well endowed neck, she’ll hopefully not drown into the liberal abyss and come back to her senses to keep America great, the way it should be!

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