American Men’s Rights Groups Taking Action

An idea whose time has come

“The rights of white Christian males are under attack. We are the single most singled out segment of society for discrimination today. They want to make us extinct.”

— Michael Thomas, founder of the White Aryan Christian Knights


Michael Thomas has a mission. And that is to save the white Christian male.

Mr. Thomas founded WACK after being arrested for a “hate crime” after ripping the turban from a Sikh immigrant’s head, knocking the 96 year old to the ground and paralyzing him in the process, and advising him politely albeit loudly – that “This is a Christian nation, dammit”.  He was simply stating a fact and asking that the man assimilate, yet he was told it was “hate” and sentenced to 10 years by a liberal judge.

Michael is truly one of the “woke” among us.

That was the moment that spurred him to begin his resistance movement. But his reasons for doing so are many more.

“In today’s society in America, Christianity is being outlawed. Only the lesser of the religions – cults really -are allowed to publicly proclaim their faith. We hear about Ramadan but not Christmas! We are not even allowed to say merry Christmas anymore.

There’s brown people everywhere. Tanning booths are opening on every corner. Being white and pasty is suddenly a bad thing. Well I like my skin to be translucent, dammit!  What about my right to be white?

Thomas insists that he is not a stalker but an admirer everytime the police knock on his door.

And feminists, feminists have ripped off our balls. They want to work. They don’t want to make babies. Basically, they want to be men. They say I’m not man enough! They laugh at me! I’ll talk to them and they giggle! And not good giggling like you see on TV. They’re giggling about me! Like I’m not good enough for them! Well guess what! I’m going to save the white race! How you like me now, ladies?”

Its high time that white , Christian males took this country back to its roots!”

At this point, Thomas began to weep uncontrollably, ending our exchange.

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