America. Jesus. Freedom.’ Trump’s Reelection Slogan Is What America Is All About.

The truth is right in front of you

This is our country in a nutshell.

President Trump has announced his reelection campaign slogan and it resonates with all true patriots as a true emblem of America.




Three words that describe what this country is all about said by possibly the greatest patriot this country has ever known, President Donald Jasper Trump.

The new slogan was created by a lowly coffee boy from Trump’s campaign office, little Joey Barron, who said he was inspired by one of his personal political heroes:

“Cam Brady was one of the finest Congressmen this country has ever seen. He was the living embodiment of modern republican values.

I really stole America Jesus Freedom from him. They are the first three words I ever heard him say and they stuck with me.”

We told some random people on the street about this new and perfect representation of our President’s goals for the USA, and asked them what they thought. The opinions were largely quite positive.

“It’s so simple, like me!”

“Those are all words that I know!”

“It’s funny because it’s true!”

“What President Trump has done by employing these three words and grouping them together, is to use his voter’s lack of imagination and meagre education to his advantage. The average member of the trump base is incapable of absorbing more than a few simple words at any one time so ‘America. Jesus. Freedom.” is the perfect number. I worry, though, that the addition of “Trump” at the end may prove to be too much for Trumpian grey matter and will obliterate from their minds the previous three words.”

It looks like President Trump has another winner. He’s chosen a slogan that everyone will love and appreciate.

Everyone except those traitorous, godless, fascist democrats that is.

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