America Hates Idaho — Who Knew?

This truth is right in front of you

A recent poll was taken about the pros and cons about each one of the 50 states, and it turns out the state of Idaho has absolutely zero redeeming qualities. I mean none. Nobody likes Idaho. The only thing Idaho produces besides embarrassment is potatoes, and we can get them from several other states.

When the poll was taken, most people, even those who lived near Idaho were surprised that people actually lived there. Who even knew Idaho had electricity and running water? Not this reporter. So we piled in the van to go discover Idaho. What makes it so bad? We had to find out.

After driving for what seemed forever, we reached Idaho. Even the welcome sign was depressing. We drove another two hours before we hit any civilization, and even that wasn’t very civilized. Despite being nearly 2500 miles from the south, there were confederate rebel flags anywhere, so apparently geography and history wasn’t high on the education system there (they are 49th in education, so there’s that)

The more we explored, the more we understood the poll. Any natural beauty of the state came second to the hateful, disgusting residents of the state. And why wouldn’t they be? They are 50th in wages in the United States and most survive on doing each other dirty and living on assistance while calling others lazy and screaming about entitlements.

Getting to Boise gave us hope until we saw hipsters wearing MAGA hats and people living in Idaho who somehow had an east coast affect and pretending to be hard gangbangers in lifted Ford pick ups. It was like nothing we’ve ever seen before, blasting rap music and yelling racial epithets.

Closer to the Oregon border, it didn’t get any better. It was almost like a scene out of the Wild West but instead of wagons the landscape was littered with old trailer homes and broken down cars. Going to northern Idaho was scary, as it’s chocked full of white supremacists. It’s almost like the entire state is the worst place in the world, intentionally.

What we found in Idaho was a state with enormous potential but inhabited by scammers, trash, ignorance and massive amounts of meth, spousal abuse and lawmakers and law enforcement who don’t know or don’t care about any difference between marijuana and hemp products, both being more illegal and carrying steeper sentences than drunk driving. Top it off with an irrational fear of California or changing anything for the better and you have the worst state in the union. Welcome to Idaho, put on your white robes and set your clock back 75 years.

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