All Fake News Comes From A Troll Called ‘The Honey Monster’

The truth is right there in front of you

An investigation that we’ve done has concluded that every single bit of fake news about our Dear Leader President Trump comes from one source in New England. One man, living in his mother’s basement to be exact.

This man goes by the name of The Honey Monster, a giant of a man living in Southern Maine. The only job he’s ever had is working with Russian troll farms to stir up fake news about President Trump and he makes millions of dollars a year off lying to the public about President Trump.

He is paid exclusively by George Soros, and the fraudulent fake news stories are spread far and wide by Antifa and CNN.  Millions of intelligent, hard-working Trump supporters haven’t been duped one bit, however. It’s all of the evil liberals who eat this stuff up and protest the Greatest President Of All Time.

Honey Monster, which is actually his legal name since changing it, brushes off any responsibility of what he’s doing. Joseph Barron, a great American, tried years ago to find him, using goats to weed him out. MOAR Goats to be exact, which are genetically engineered goats to sniff out copious amounts of Doritos and Pepsi consumed by evil liberal trolls.

During a recent interview, he said what he is doing is purely satire, but the interviewer disagreed, because going after actual fake news sources would be too hard, too much like work. Fox News and Rush Limbaugh have been spreading fake news far and wide, but it all comes down to one man. Here is the web page, you be the judge.

When we started our investigation, we were shocked to learn the mainstream media such as MSNBC and CNN were using Honey Monster‘s articles as real sources. Thankfully Sean Hannity at Fox would never be duped into believing such garbage, as he has nothing but journalistic integrity and absolutely zero bias.

People like Honey Monster will do anything to hurt our Dear Leader Trump.  Luckily, we have OAN and Fox News to combat the truth and tell you what you want to hear.

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