Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Arrested For Assault On Bartender

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez comes from humble beginnings. She is a high school dropout, lived in the ghetto her whole life, and the highest job posting she’s ever had is “head bartender” at her local watering hole…….where she was the only bartender.

But she speaks of her bartending roots with pride, fancies herself a working class hero. She claims that bartending is a noble “profession” and that it is this “shared commoner background (her words) that make her the “people’s politician”.

Events in New York City of this past weekend would appear to contradict her words, however. On Friday evening, Cortez and her socialist  entourage were out carousing at the Crazy Commie, a local bar. They were laughing and smiling and all appeared to be good……until closing time. That’s when AOC snapped.  When the bartender refused to serve her again, saying it was closing time, she physically and verbally attacked him, launching a verbal barrage of insults and a flurry of flying kicks and punches.

The dive bar where AOC lost her freaking mind……and revealed her true self

Here the victim himself, Esteban Contreras, describes the attack and the victimization he felt :

”Alexandria beat the crap out of me. No lie. I’m a big guy but that chick has moves. She’s vicious. I’m told my rectum will never be the same of her stilettos were lodged up there.

But I can handle that. It was her relentless name-calling and ridicule that’s really tore me up.  She mocked  me for being a bartender. She said ,’ This is the best you can do? You’re nothing! You’re less than nothing! I’m a goddamn elected official! I’m 1000 times the person you are! ‘  It really hurt me. Much more than 6 inch heels ever could.”

Esteban Contreras, the victim, in the aftermath of the attack.

Cortez was arrested and released on her own recognizance. She is scheduled for trial in 2 weeks on charges of assault.

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