Alexandria Cortez Dating Brother Of Ilhan Omar

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez has a new beau. This girl certainly does get around, doesn’t she?

In recent weeks she’s been reportedly involved with Colin Kaepernick, Larry Lubiner, Gary Jones, and Jason Daniel. Each time she’s proclaimed the man du jour to be the “love of her life”

But with every new week comes a new fella. And this time she’s dating in-house. The House of Representatives, that is. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez  is currently involved with Amin Tamenn, the brother of Minnesota official, Ilhan Omar.

The two were recently seen making kissy-face at one of Ilhan’s famous Shwarma gatherings, where Democrats gather to discuss how best to begin implementation of “sangria law”.  Witnesses say they were almost certain that the two were going to engage the  “Musslamic Mambo” right there in the boardroom. It was said to be quite hot and heavy with both breathily panting, ”Allah be praised” from time to time when they came up for air.

With so many of these hook-ups taking place in Washington, is Shakira law inevitable?

What’s most disturbing about this relationship is that Tamenn – Omar’s brother – is also her husband. Her brother-husband, who she used to gain a green card back in the day. And when they were carrying on like drunken teens at that meeting, it was in full view of sister-wife Rep. Ilhan Omar!

One has to wonder if there are other women in Amin Tamenn’s life, or other wives. Has he married other family members? Are they trying to introduce polygamous harems into American culture? This will not stand. WE MUST TAKE A STAND.

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