Alabama Governor Moves To Shut Down Pro Socialist & Abortion Garth Brooks Concert

The Truth Is Right There In Front Of You

A country music concert in the city of Birmingham, Alabama is causing controversy with the governor. Garth Brooks, who’s revealed recently he is a Bernie Sanders supporter, is in hot water in the Yellowhammer State.

The concert was to be a dual benefit, with proceeds going to Planned Parenthood and the Bernie Sanders campaign. Tickets were supposed to go on sale a week ago until governor Kay Ivey, R-Alabama, put the brakes on it.

“Alabama is a Christian state, we are very conservative here” says the governor. “Alabama is no place for this kind of filth”.

Usually a big country music concert is a no brainer in the Deep South state. But when the announcement came down about the donations, which would have topped $2 million dollars, officials were angry, and rightfully so.

Joseph Barron and Sandy Batt, two huge country music fans from Dothan, were incensed. They are, or were, huge Garth Brooks fans.  “First it was the Sanders 20 shirt, now this??” When explained it wasn’t Bernie but a football player, it didn’t matter. The damage was done.

Why can’t they just leave their politics out of it, unless they support Trump, most fans feel.  “It’s not like we’re snowflakes who get offended when someone has a different opinion than we do! Trump 2020!!!!!!”

The governor says she believes in free speech and freedom of expression, but worries about what will happen in her state if the concert goes forward. “We cannot have people thinking for themselves, thinking there’s other options out there, they will start expecting us to actually do something to help”. That kind of socialist idea cannot stand in Alabama.

Garth Brooks is a huge star in the country music world, but this is making fans turn their backs on him. How dare an entertainer have a point of view that’s different??? Even if it was mistaken????

The concert for now is on hold, and Alabamians are safe from something they’ve concocted all on their own.

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