After Trump Demanded Arrests, Barr Signs Warrants

The truth is right there in front of you

Donald Trump, recovering from from his illness, got on the ball and put his foot down. He’s tired of waiting. After his health scare, Trump made the decision to go 100 percent after those who he says are doing bad against our country, and he read DOJ head Bill Barr the riot act about stalling.

He wants those against this country and him in jail and in jail now! Enough waiting. Enough games. The time is now.

Barr, understanding the severity of the situation and that Trump is not kidding, did what he knew he had to do. It was true.

Barr was stalling, but he was waiting for the right time to put the hammer down and incarcerate those who are harassing the president of the United States and hurting our nation at the same time. He didn’t want it to look political, so close to the election.

But he cannot let those guilty go free any longer to continue to do their dastardly deeds.

Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, the list goes on. Mainly democrats who have abused their power and used their platform to hurt president Donald J Trump.

There are even republicans on the list, like George W Bush, the Lincoln project, and the corpse of John McCain. That’s right. Even John McCain.

And it goes on from there, when Obama is arrested, his Supreme Court justices will be disqualified from the bench, allowing Trump to fill those seats. It’s a good day for America.

Barr spokesman Joseph Barron said

“The president put his foot down, and is demanding arrests.  It’s obvious he’s delirious and not in the right state of mind, but really, when is he ever?” 

Barron knows that everything Trump wants here is ridiculous, but you can’t tell him that. Trump is a petulant toddler on a good day and take away his Adderall and pump him full of steroids and Trump is full on stupid.

So Barr will pretend for the time being to appease the big fat orange dummy. Good times!  Imagine having to embarrass yourself for this moron.

But Trump is adamant about his enemies going to jail. He is, for all intent and purpose, a wannabe dictator. And the cult, his cult will follow along, because that’s what stupid people do.

So we will pretend that Barr is going to arrest Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for the sole purpose of not being Trump cultists and all the stupid people will feel they’ve got a win. Now only to put out and arrest warrant for that fly that bothered Pence. It must have been a democratic plant!

God Bless America And God Bless Donald Trump!

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