After Details Emerge of Obama’s Bank Fraud, Arrests are Imminent

The truth is right in front of you.

Details have come to light about massive bank fraud that has the Obamas name all over it. At least $7 billion dollars of fraud by the Obamas to the Deutsche Bank and there may be even more yet to be found.

There’s so much that it could take years to uncover it all. According to documents released by Deutsche Bank, the Obama family took out billions and never paid it back, then had the audacity to sue the bank when they demanded payment.

There were loans to start the Obama Organization, which was supposed to be a charity. Records indicate that these charities, a children’s cancer charity and a charity to help veterans were pilfered by the first family.

Mr. Obama actually took a loan from one part of the bank to pay off another part of the bank to continue service. The bank, plus Barrack Hussein Obama are both under investigation at the time of publication.

Reports indicate that federal authorities have gone to prosecutor Joe Barron of the Southern District of New York to secure arrest warrants for the Obama family and also bank employees for allowing this fraud to go on.

The Trump Administration has been following these developments closely.  President Trump is horrified by these accusations, as he has fought so hard against any type of corruption, especially in our own country.

One of the more disturbing pieces to this corrupt puzzle is a payment of over $500 million dollars was wired to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign from this very bank, from an account tied to the former president. There was also a deposit of $15,000,000 from the Hillary Inaugural Event that was paid for by donors, that was supposed to be returned to those same donors in the case that she lost the election.

The Obama Crime family isn’t the only one on the hook for this fraud. Millions of dollars from Clinton to Jeffrey Epstein was also uncovered as well. It seems that Democrats have been using Deutsche Bank for years to cover up crimes, and now that house of cards is crumbling.

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