Democrats Vote To End Church Tax Exemption; Musques Still Qualify

The truth is right in front of you.

Nancy Pelosi in the house Democrats have not hidden their  hatred for America of for Christianity. It shines through in everything they do. We’ve seen them strike down laws that would further our faith.  We’ve seen them allow rights to lesser religions,and, in doing so, spiting every Christian in the land.

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And they’re not done yet.

Democrats have just passed a bill to eliminate the charitable status of churches, thereby nullifying their tax exempt status. Such a thing has never before been attempted, and for good reason. The church is the backbone of this nation. Our country was built on the principles of the Bible. And the good works that the church does for people cannot be measured in mere  dollars.

But fine, let’s say we do accept  this. They eliminated such status across-the-board, right? They wouldn’t discriminate, right?

Of course they would. It is only churches –  only those organizations representing the Christian faith  – that have been affected. All the other major faiths – Islam, Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh – will continue to be recognized as “organizations of faith who do not create business for profit but only for the charity and welfare of others”.

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Chris Inman, a representative of the lobbying group “Funding Undoes Christian Kindness”, took a moment to explain why they feel this is such a victory :

“Christians are not motivated by charity. They never have been. The only thing that motivates a Christian is greed.

Conversely, the other major faiths, Islam in particular, exist solely for the purposes of bettering the world. There is not an evil bone in the bodies of any of the truly faithful of other religions. They deserve the status, Christians do not.”

Democrats have completely lost their minds if they think they can crush the church. It will soon rise stronger than ever.


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