Planned Parenthood Asks For Users Favorite Baby Recipes

“Feed Us Fetus!”

No, they’re not asking for baby food recipes.

When planned parenthood recently sent out a letter to all their regular users of abortion services, its purpose was to thank them for their business and to ask for their assistance in building new services for the future. In particular, PP plans to begin offering food to the public

The headline read :

“No part shall be wasted. Because  Trump will no longer allow us to sell stem cells for Research, we have decided to do the next best thing. All foetuses and baby parts will be donated to our new inside cafeterias for consumption by guests.

And that’s where you come in! We want your recipes!”

The letter went on to ask for any great foetus recipes that the customers have to offer. They asked for appetizers, main courses, finger food, soups, desserts… You name it.  And hundreds of offers came pouring in. Everybody wanted to be part of the new baby eating offering.

Here are some of the highlights amongst those that made the final cut:

Bacon wrapped 10 week old

Placenta smoothies

Tasty cheesecake topped with a cell collection coulis

Unborn Nuggets

Phetal Pho

And Genome jello

The support from their customers has been astronomical. It seems there is no end to the depravity of this liberal crowd.

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