Kamala : ‘Trump Was Worse For America Than 9/11’


Vice President Kamala Harris doesn’t mince words.  One thing thing that makes her beloved in leftist circles is that she speaks her mind.  She’s not in anyone’s pocket, and she’s here to face the swamp and get down and dirty to clean it.

She sat down this week with Sandy Batt, a journalist with The Atlatqueef magazine for a revealing interview, waxing aggressively with that particular animated “no holds barred” style and attitude about the economy, the Covid pandemic, and, notably, the previous administration of disgraced President Donald Trump. Some excerpts:

Batt – “How do you think progress is going with the fight against the Trump Plague?”

Harris – “I think we’ve been making steady progress with vaccinations, now that we’ve established a plan that isn’t stupid and lazy.  There are still so-called ‘anti-vaxxers’ left over from Trump’s cult of stupid that intend to try to damage the health and well-being of their own countrymen, because that’s what they do.  We’ve seen it. At some point, we’ll FEMA camp them.  Electrodes to the balls.  It’ll work out.”

It’s not as bad as it sounds. Mike Pence does it on purpose every Wednesday.

Batt – “What are you and Joe Biden doing for the economy?”

Harris – “Well you can’t have an economy until you get the virus managed, but we’re planning initiatives and bills to open it back up with stimulus.  Again, many of the morons are flummoxed about 1000 temp jobs affected by stopping a pipeline.  Meanwhile, you know, there’s a whole country.”

Batt – “Can we ever dig out completely from the damage Trump has done?”

Harris – “I think so.  He was worse for America than 9/11, wasn’t he?  We got over that too when we all pulled together and acted like adults.  Once we ignore the conservatives and Trump-damaged dickslaps, we’ll get back to moving forwards and not sliding back into the 1950s like that idiot tried to do.”

“Mah stars, did someone say sliding back? Boys, cue up the George Clinton!”

Some strong, but positive statements from the powerful woman.  And we all know that’s the one thing that frightens the morbidly obese former President to no end.

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