President Pelosi to Purge Senate GOP Down to 35

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was caught on a “Hot Mic” last night on the Rachel Maddow show saying she would be writing an EO in her 1st day as President, “down to 35. That will show those bast$&@$!!”, then she poured herself another “Scotch and Soda!!! Yesss!” and did a fist bump into the air. She did not realize that she was still on the air at the time.

Maddow, a long time MSNBC host in the same time slot as Fox News opinion hypester with much better ratings, the best ratings Sean Hannity who is very climate conscious was interviewing a Panda Bear trainer at the time, had stepped away for a few moments to turn off her dildo warmer that was dinging, did not hear what the Speaker had to say.

Maddow, who is in quarantine because of her lover Susan’s recent bout with COVID-19, had just returned to the show from her office where she has been isolated for the past 14 days.
Pelosi spokes-person Sandra Batt spoke to us briefly about what her boss Nancy had done on the cable commentary show.

“Apparently there was some sort of an equipment malfunction on Senator Pelosi’s headset and there was bleed over from a convoy of trucks on highway 5 along with the smoke and fog leftover from the wild fires earlier in the year caused it to appear as if the words we heard on TV came from her. Basically she was hacked. “

Likely story. We think it was pretty obvious that it was the alcohol talking…again. This is more than likely to happen again.

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