200 Year Old NY Cathedral Will Become Islamiac Worship Center

The truth is right in front of you.

St. Luke’s Cathedral in New York City has had many tumultuous times. It’s survived fire, earthquake, floods, tornadoes, plague, vandalism… And it’s always come out on top. But now this legendary place of Christian worship appears to have finally met its demise.

Due to a total lack of interest in attending services any longer, St. Paul’s will close its doors as a Christian house of worship next month.  Attendance at the church had become so alarmingly low that it’s continuing as a church has become unsustainable. In the past two years, Sunday service gave not seem more than 2 dozen parishioners at any given time. Christmas sermons have seen a height of only 100 throughout Christmas Eve and Christmas Day combined. New Yorkers don’t believe in Christ anymore….or they don’t care about Him. Either way, Christianity in New York is dead.

What New York lacks in Christians though, it makes up for in the followers of Islam.  And so, they are taking over. From the moment the church closes down as a refuge for  Christians, it will become an Islamiac house of worship. Only Allaha will be revered within those walls.

The new residents may tear the walls down to make it a gigantic bouncy castle mosque.

Mayor Mohammed Buter Flighbeeali Of NYC explains why he sees this as a positive :

”Yes, Christianity in New York City is dead. It has been for sometime. That whole religion is based on a bunch of garbage that’s changed a thousand times over the past two thousand years.  People had to get wise eventually.

But sure, this was a house of worship,  and if it were to be lost as such, that would be sad.  Fortunately, that is not happening! Worship will continue within these walls, but now they will be directed at the one true God. Now it will be real.”

Democrat liberals have ruled New York for decades. This is the result.

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