11 State Attorney Generals Charge Antifa With Unlawful Gathering and Inciting Violence

Attorney Generals from 11 states have filed charges against Antifa for unlawful gathering and inciting violence for their role in the January 6th riots at the Capitol.

According to the more than 15K Trump supporters who were there that day, it was Antifa, not them, who carried their flags into the Rotunda, calling for the head of Mike Pence and Nancy Pelosi.

Because of all of that testimony, most of which was compiled from YouTube and TikTok, top lawmen in r5ed states across the south and Wyoming are springing into action.

AG Joe Barron of Alabama and Mississippi, told us that there will be huge consequences for Antifa because of this:

“Antifa is currently on the run and wanted in 11 states. There is nowhere to hide, except maybe in the other 39. Or Guam. But make no mistake. We will get them. We will get them all.”

The cases had to be filed in state courts where things like facts and evidence take a backseat to local politics, because federal judges kept telling them that “Antifa” isn’t an actual person or organization, it’s an ideology.

You what that means, patriots.


Cult. It’s a cult.

Most conservative towns are offering cash rewards and a free ham dinner to anyone who can identify Antifa. So far…no luck.

They’re in big trouble when they do get caught, patriots.

God bless America.

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